Ba Piah Tad

Ba Piah Tad was the victim of a hit and run vehicular accident in 2011. She was brought in by a good Samaritan who surrendered her to the clinic. Ba Piah was found to have 2 broken legs, a large patch of dead skin on her side and was in shock and a great deal of pain when she was admitted. Despite this, she never once complained and did not show any sign of aggression despite repeated handling and examination. After 3 major surgeries and maggot therapy, Ba Piah recovered slowly but surely and is now the resident Instigator of Discord between Timmy and Slutty. Requests to sow discord between 2 cats can be made by e-mail or snail mail, addressed to Ba Piah at The Animal Doctors.

Update: Ba Piah has found a forever home with one of our staff nurses. She now lives happily with a loving human family and two dogs.