Slutty Tad

Slutty Tad first showed up at the back door of The Animal Doctors in 2010 looking for a free meal and some cuddles. In a bid to discourage vagrancy, Slutty was cat-napped for sterilization with a plan to release her after this was performed. During her recovery period, her affectionate nature and sunny personality won over the entire clinic and she was adopted by unanimous vote as a clinic cat. Slutty is the resident food sampler of cat food and is in charge of sniffing all other types of food at The Animal Doctors. If you have a sample of food that requires sniffing, please feel free to drop this off at the reception area at The Animal Doctors addressed to Slutty.

Updates: Slutty left the TAD family in January 2020, she left a very big void in all of our hearts. She will always be remembered for the hugs and cuddles she gave willingly. We will always be grateful for the day she chose TAD to be her home ❤️